Important Notice: Debenture Funding Schedule

Monday, October 7, 2013 / Published in Featured News, General News
Important Notice: Debenture Funding Schedule
Please be advised that the Development Company Finance LLC (DCF LLC) released a notice on October 7, 2013 to all certified development companies regarding the Debenture Funding.
The notice, sent on behalf of Frank Keane, DCF LLC Fiscal Agent, states the following:  
"Despite the federal government shutdown, this is to confirm that October debenture sale, according to SBA and Treasury officials, will proceed on schedule with pricing this Thursday and funding Oct. 16. 
To ensure the continuity and long-term success of the 504 program, it is essential that all CDCs proceed as normal with loans for the November sale. Despite the shutdown, the most robust possible showing of loans and loan volume in November will help keep rates low and our reputation strong among investors."