How Social Media Can Help You Manage Your Email Inbox

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 / Published in Featured News, General News
How Social Media Can Help You Manage Your Email Inbox
By: Tom McHale
Like most professionals, I receive a lot of daily marketing emails from various sources including chambers of commerce, business journals, trade associations, industry experts etc. When these emails arrive, I usually scan them quickly and either delete them or make a mental note to go back and read more, perhaps after hours. Usually I forget to return to the email or just don’t feel like opening my email inbox after hours and before long our IT department is bugging me about inbox size limitations.
Most of the businesses that send out daily marketing emails also have social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. In nearly all cases, the information included in their daily emails is also posted to their social media accounts, which you can follow and check on your time. When I receive an interesting daily marketing email, I check to see if the same information is available via social media. If it is, then I consider subscribing to the applicable social media feed and unsubscribing to the email feed.
Since many companies post information on multiple social media accounts, it may require you to have multiple accounts as well in order to follow their posts. There are a number of services like hootsuite that allow you to manage these accounts in one app or website. If you don’t tend to post much on social media but prefer to just check in via smartphone, flipboard provides reading access to all of your accounts and also helps manage the blogs you read.
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