Salty Road - New York, NY

Monday, July 11, 2016 / Published in Featured News, Articles of Interest
Salty Road - New York, NY

Back in 2011, Marisa Wu, owner of Salty Road, an artisanal salty water taffy manufacturer, decided it was time to move her business to a factory of its own. Through NYBDC's Industrial Neighborhood Business Fund (previously the Food Manufacturers' Growth Fund) in connection with Brooklyn’s Evergreen Business Exchange, she was able to access the capital she needed for an easy transition. The loan allowed Marisa to improve her equipment, hire additional staff, and buy machinery for her new location.

Her business continues to expand locally and internationally, with locations in New York City, Japan, and more. “It was a really hard time because we had just moved into our factory and we were spending a lot… we are so thankful to NYBDC and Evergreen!” says Marisa. Learn more about how NYBDC can help your businesses, and try some of Salty Road's delicious taffy!

This success story was previously featured in the Evergreen Business Exchange's 2015 annual report. Evergreen is a membership organization that champions manufacturing, creative production, and industrial service businesses in North Brooklyn and beyond. Evergreen connects businesses with resources and opportunities to help create and maintain high quality jobs at all skill levels. For more information please visit: