USDA B&I Loans

NYBDC, working with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), provides Business and Industrial Guaranteed loans to help improve, develop or finance businesses, industry and employment, and to improve the economic and environmental climate in rural communities, including pollution abatement and control.

These USDA loans are available to businesses located in areas outside any city with a population of 50,000 or more and its immediately adjacent urbanized or urbanizing areas (the USDA provides a priority to areas with populations under 25,000).

Program Details

Loan Amounts

  • Up to $10 million

Use of Funds
  • Constructing or equipping of buildings
  • Purchase of businesses, land of buildings
  • Start-up costs and working capital
  • Refinance debts
  • Agricultural productions

Interest Rates

  • Interest rates can be negotiated as fixed or variable and have varying maturities depending on the usages.

  • Certain communities are prioritized based on economic conditions and high unemployment
  • EZ / EC zones and Champion Communities are priorities
  • High impact businesses are preferred
  • Businesses offering the ability to generate significant job creation are also preferred

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