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NYBDC is a complement to conventional banking, working in partnership with banks to provide term loans, many of which do not meet the requirements for traditional financing. Our goal is to be more creative in our underwriting. In many cases, we include multiple participations, SBA guarantees, flexible amortization and long-term payouts.

Here are five reasons in no particular order why a bank would want to partner with NYBDC to promote small business lending:

  1. Reduce risk – When we partner with a bank to make a loan, we share the risk.
  2. Increase small business lending – Banks can provide more loans to more businesses by a partnership with NYBDC.
  3. Obtain CRA credit – Making a loan with NYBDC, referring a borrower to us or participating in one of our lending programs all provide banks with components of CRA credit.
  4. Increase your profit – We structure, evaluate, process and service loans, freeing banks to move on to making the next deal.
  5. Make more loans – Working with NYBDC helps banks make more loans when credit standards are not met or when restricted by legal lending limits.

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Learn more about NYBDC's Loan Programs, Board of Directors and Shareholders

NYBDC utilized four core programs to execute the Company goal to provide responsive, creative, prudent and cost-effective financing solutions for New York State’s small businesses to support jobs creation and/or retention. In addition to our core programs, NYBDC works with our banking partners to provide our "Another Look" program, which enables our bank partners to provide their customers with a final alternative to their internal "Second Look" programs.   

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